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MINISCAN IRXpert Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Analyzer

Intelligent Portable Multi-Fuel Analyzer

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The MINISCAN IRXpert is the first completely portable multi-fuel analyzer for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Biofuel Blends, which uses the advantages of full spectrum information and full spectrum comparison to achieve utmost measurement accuracy. More than 100 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolution. Based on Grabner Instruments profound knowledge in fuel analysis, the MINISCAN IRXpert is designed as an intelligent, self-learning analyzer.

The MINISCAN IRXpert is a completely temperature regulated, robust and user friendly spectrometer for the automatic measurement of concentration of the most important components of gasoline and diesel. Advanced chemometrics, a worldwide database of calibration samples and information derived from the complete spectrum rather than from specific peaks provide highly reliable results for concentration measurement and key properties such as Octane and Cetane Numbers, Distillation Properties and Vapor Pressure. An integrated temperature controlled density meter allows for exact determination and stability of fuel density. 

NEW! Data based on real samples collected and analyzed by SGS®!
For predicted properties, MINISCAN IRXpert operates calibration data, that has to adhere to the strictest quality standards. As a unique feature the instrument is equipped with a database of samples that have been collected and analysed by SGS!

Maximizing Ease of Use
MINISCAN IRXpert for testing fuels right from the street.  A high end full color touch-screen facilitates menu navigation and allows in depth spectrum analysis. USB and Ethernet interfaces facilitate quick data-transfer, printing, LIMS integration and remote control and service. For field use, the MINISCAN IRXpert can be run with a 12V car adapter.

• Portable Fuel Analyzer for Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Diesel and Biofuel Blends
• Smart Dual Cell Design
• Full Spectrum Analysis
• Superior Optical Resolution
• Contamination Detection: Automatic distance Analysis between spectra
• Temperature Regulated Filler, Density Meter and Measuring Cells
• Laser Controlled System
• Unlimited Number of Parameters

Dedicated models for Gasoline or Diesel analysis are available, the professional model includes all, Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel analysis. Dedicated models can easily be upgraded to a professional model.

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